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2008-12 Meeting posted on

This time we're going to do some presentations with higher "availability" to even newbie Ruby programmers, in order to attract them to our meetings. Thus there're going to be two speeches, both should be understandable for beginning rubyists, but they should be interesting even for advanced ones.


  • Mike Lee - Test By Proxy: A tour of a flexible way to get monitoring, logging and testing fully automated
  • Tomek Stachewicz - "Advanced Ruby round-up": Meta-programming, functional goodies and all the other stuff in Ruby that seems magic and daunting at first

As usual first tuesday of the month, i.e. 2nd of december.

And, as usual, we start with a beer (or two) in Emerald Irish Pub and then move upstairs to Communicate school.

We also have a GoldenLine event site prepared - sign yourselves in!

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